The 10 Most Popular Patio Coolers for 2022

We look at some of the best patio coolers on the market to help you throw your next party in style.

Check out some of our top picks of the year!

cold bottles in a good patio cooler full of ice

Choose the best patio cooler for your next backyard party!Summertime means that your patio game has got to be stronger than ever!

With grilling, chilling and drinks to be served, you’re going to want to hydrate in style.

So after you’ve cleaned the patio and pulled out the furniture, you may be looking around for a new great patio cooler to pick up before you throw your next outdoor party.

That’s why we pulled together 10 of the best patio coolers we could find that will keep your drinks cool so you can party all summer long.


How to Choose the Best Patio Cooler

Just like there is no one-size-fits-all backyard, there is no one-size-fits-all patio cooler.

Each backyard calls for a different kind of cooler, with a different personality and different needs to service.

In this list we’ve pulled together 10 unique patio coolers that call for a range of different living situations.

From simple pop-ups to the luxury cooler, we’ve covered all our bases here so you can have the best information possible when making your decision!

But before trying to choose the best patio cooler for your needs, here’s a few questions you should make sure to ask before you shop:

  • What is your budget?
  • What is your patio decor?
  • How often are you looking to use your patio cooler?
  • What is the main purpose for your patio cooler? Are you more interested in function or fashion?


Features to Look for

drinks in a patio cooler
From simple ice tubs to top of the line insulated coolers, there’s a lot of features to consider.


Each patio cooler is different, and each person’s needs for a cooler are going to be different too.

That said, here’s some features that might be important to consider while you search.


Key Questions to Ask About Your Cooler:

    • Do you want something that you won’t have to bring inside when it rains? If you’re not used to having to store your patio furniture each time it gets stormy, you might want to avoid any coolers that can’t withstand the weather either.
    • Does it need to be portable? You don’t want to get frustrated with a heavy, impractical cooler when you’re trying to take it on-the-go.  However, if you never plan on taking it anywhere it opens up some interesting options for fun unique coolers.
    • How much ice do you want it to hold?
    • Does it need to be stylish?


The more questions you ask yourself, the more you will begin to narrow down exactly what you want.


Types and Styles of Patio Coolers

cold cans in a patio cooler
Consider your style when choosing a patio cooler.


There are MANY different types of patio coolers out there.

From the standard outdoor cooler you see at every picnic to the luxe rolling party cooler, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Coolers come in all shapes, sizes and finishes — from the tiny pop-up cooler to large stainless steel coolers on wheels.

They can come in plastic and polyester finishes, and some are even made of wood or wicker!

You’ll need to think about your personal style too, whether it be rustic, to outdoorsy, or retro!


Our Top 10 Best Patio Coolers for 2022


one the the best patio coolers of 2020, the table top cooler
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The Keter Pacific Cool Bar is just what it sounds like — WAY too cool!

That’s because it’s both a cooler AND a table AND a fun conversation piece!

This is a great option because you can get one for a smaller balcony or patio without taking up too much precious space.

Or, if you have a larger patio, get a few and spread them all around!  Now you and your guests will never need to leave the conversation just to go and get another drink.

We love that this nifty…oh yeah, its nifty…little cooler is all-weather resistant so you won’t have to lug it inside when the storm clouds come out.

It also works great set up next to a pool or hot tub where you may need an end table anyways.



one of the best portable pato coolers
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Another smaller-sized cooler is the Camping Party Cooler with Stand.

This is a fantastic portable option for anyone who wants to take the same cooler they use on their patio out to the lake or trail.

It comes with its own stand, and folds up easily, making it simple to use and also to store when not in use.

It’s not necessarily the fanciest cooler on the market, but it’s VERY convenient for a cooler you need to take and set up on-the-go.



the yeti is a great rugged camping and patio cooler
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Another portable, yet larger, option is the iconic Yeti Cooler.

Known for their durability and serious insulation capabilities, these coolers have a bit of a cult status in the outdoors world.

It’s not going to be the cheapest option, but if you’re looking for a trusted brand and want some top of the line insulation, then check out the Yeti Cooler.

We’ve heard many a tale of frozen ice still found in them weeks after a party.  So if your top priority is keeping the drinks cold through a long extended weekend of partying, this may be the cooler for you!



another fun patio cooler
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If Yeti is a little out of your price range and you’re looking for something just as simple, look no further than the Suncast Resin Cooler Side Table.

This deck cooler doubles as a side table during the day, and a fun party cooler by night. Just lift up the lid and you’ll have plenty of space to chill all your favorite beverages.

The available blue and red colors are fun, but depending on your patio decor they might not be right for you.

It’s also pretty big, so keep that in mind in case you plan on wanting a cooler you can move around frequently!



a wooden cooler opened up on a patio
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If you’re looking for a more inconspicuous style to fit in with the rest of your patio decor, take a look at the Merry Garden Wooden Patio Cooler.

Made from eucalyptus hardwood, it’s a perfect addition if you have a rustic, tropical, or minimalist backyard look.

This outdoor cooler stand isn’t very portable, but it looks so gorgeous you might just forget it’s your cooler!



a handmade looking cooler with an american flag on it.
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If you want a more handmade looking cooler that’s sure to spark some compliments, then let me introduce you to the Backyard Express American Patio Cooler.

This fully insulated wooden cooler has a rustic American flag painted across the front, making it a standout piece of patio furniture for any patriotic summer party.

It does requires some assembly, and is not very portable, but once you’ve set it up it’s good to go!



a wicker resin patio cooler
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Now let’s talk about some party coolers on wheels!

This is a simple one, the Suncast Resin Wicker Cooler.

It looks like a standard outdoor cabinet, but opens up to reveal a full ice storage space. It also has wheels, making it easy to roll around your patio no matter how full it gets.

The durable resin makes it safe to leave outside year round and easy to clean.

Best of all, it comes in a variety of colors and matches a whole line of resin wicker accessories by Suncast including trash cans and patio storage boxes.



an open wicker patio cooler on a stand full of drinks
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Another cool ice chest with wheels is this Rattan Rolling Cart.

This wicker style cart can hold up to 100 cans, and even has an additional storage section across the bottom.

A great choice for the large patio party, though if you have a smaller patio space you might want to go for one of the smaller options listed above!



the margaritaville patio cooler, stainless steel on a stand
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Want something that screams “party over here” for all your backyard festivities?

Then the Margaritaville Chill Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooler is your match.

This fun and fresh cooler will fit in perfectly with any tropical luaus you might end up hosting this summer!



a fun foosbal patio cooler, one of our favorites
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Finally, we’ll wrap with what we think is the most fun deck cooler of them all.

The Clevr Ice Chest with Foosball Table is just what it sounds like — yep, it doubles as an ice chest with wheels AND a foosball table at the same time.

It has plenty of storage space and can roll wherever the party takes you.

One downside is that it looks like you might have to interrupt your foosball game to lift up the lid and grab a fresh drink, but that’s a price we’re willing to pay for a fun patio cooler!


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