The Most Popular Patio Lounge Furniture for Outdoor Spaces in 2022

This handy Buyer’s Guide will help you think about what to look for……and what to stay away from… when you are looking to buy the best patio lounge furniture. 

There’s a lot more to consider than you might expect, so let’s get started!

best patio lounge furniture

If clothes make a person, like the adage claims, the same can be said for the lounge furniture on your patio.

It cannot be comfortable without being durable, or pretty but not in consonance with the surroundings you will need to achieve a delicate balance between all these factors if you are to have something you will cherish for years to come.

Outfitting your patio may require some careful planning, with a lot of thought going into where you will put that wicker sofa or classic rocking chair.

Here are some tips that may just help you make some crucial decisions on buying patio lounge furniture!


Cheap Can Be Expensive

While browsing the Internet for patio furniture, you may just fall for shiny furniture with price tags that seem too good to be true.

After all, why should you go for single lounge chairs that cost upwards of $150 when you can get entire sectionals for just as much?

Well, there is a good reason for that.

Companies that make bargain furniture have to make certain sacrifices in order to keep the price low, and they are usually in areas that you won’t appreciate.

In the best-case scenario, you may find color running off in the first rain of the season, and in the worst, a patio chair could break a leg the moment you sit on it.

And before long, all your cheap chairs and tables will find themselves lined up on your front yard awaiting the next pick-up by the waste management agency.

But that said, some options like the Homall Rattan Wicker Conversation Set do achieve that fine balance between price and quality.

Made of fade resistant polyethylene, the set comprising a love seat, two individual lounge sofas and a coffee table (fitted with tempered glass) provides for all your outdoor seating needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Or if you don’t need an entire set, try this eye-catching loveseat from Keter.


Measure First, Buy Later

You may think you know your patio well, but it’s never a good idea to decide which furniture to buy on the basis of pure instinct.

You don’t want expensive furniture delivered and assembled at your doorstep, only to find a little too late that you are sorely lacking in outdoor space.

You may even have the space you need at times, but maybe you don’t like your patio too crowded.

How’s one to launch into an impromptu Gangnam Style dance when the place is littered with furniture? In such cases, you may need to mentally plot the areas where the furniture should be placed before actually placing the order.

You can start by sizing your patio space with a measuring tape, like this laser-enabled one from Tacklife, to make sure you have your figures in place. Once that’s done, decide on design and everything else.

Weather or Not

One of the biggest factors you should consider before purchasing your outdoor furniture is the climatic conditions in the region you stay in.

For instance, somebody living next to the seaside or a region frequently visited by rainstorms would do best to avoid metal furniture prone to rusting.

There are rust-free aluminum chairs and tables, of course, but they get slammed around by the wind all the time.

But if you still want to go for metal, try this steel outdoor sofa from Lokatse Home, which is specially powder coated to resist the ravages of the weather.

You could also opt for wood furniture but do bear in mind that they come in several types — some more weather-resistant than the other.

Teak is a safe bet, but expensive. Alternative woods for outdoor furniture are acacia, shorea, eucalyptus and redwood, but you would do well to carefully research them before making a purchase.

While they all need to be maintained, some more than others, do ensure that they are treated for weather-resistance like this charming set of patio chairs from the Walker Edison Furniture Company.

Polyethylene rattan wicker sets are a good option because they are manufactured with weather resistance in mind.

What’s more, they make for very eye-catching furniture too, as this 5-piece conversation set from Shintenchi goes to show.


Invest in Proper Protection

Durable as your patio lounge furniture may be, it will not survive long if you leave it out to soak every time the sky opens up.

Investing in patio furniture covers may be a good idea here, and even though this would mean shelling out a little more than expected at the start, the payoff is bound to be good. What’s more, they come in all shapes and sizes!

Check this one from Amazon Basics, for instance, which would be just right for a single patio sofa.


Need something much larger? Go for the gigantic King Do Way cover, which can protect everything from outdoor sofa sets to dining tables.


Function Over Form

Sometimes the idea of having a certain outdoor product is so all-consuming that we conveniently ignore the fact that it might not be the right fit for our needs.

For instance, you may buy an umbrella because you believe that no patio is complete without one, but it’s likely to prove drastically inadequate for a big family or a large gathering of friends.

In such a situation, you would be better off installing a sail shade, like this one from Artpuch.


Or maybe you don’t really need a giant outdoor dining table on your patio taking up all that space when you are, after all, just a family of three with few visitors. In that case, we would recommend that you go for this 6-piece seating set from Mainstays Albany Lane instead.


The Verdict

While choosing the perfect furniture for your patio could take some thought, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have fun doing it.

Dress it up the way you want, maybe even with a grand pergola or firepit, so long as it fulfills the requirement of being comfortable.

Because even if you have the most stylish patio in the neighborhood, it won’t mean much if nobody likes lounging around on it.


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