The 10 Best Electric Patio Heaters for 2022

We found the best electric patio heaters available today, and put together this quick guide to help you choose which one will work best in your space, no matter your style.

Choose from freestanding, tabletop, ceiling mounted and under-umbrella options!


electric patio heater
A quality electric patio heater can help keep the party going well into the cool evening hours and into the later fall months.


Heater on, chills gone!

Whether you want to cozy up on a brisk summer night or utilize your backyard space into the winter months, an electric patio heater will keep you warm and toasty while you’re outside — no matter what season it is.

Here’s our how-to guide on how to pick out the best one for your outdoor heating needs.


Types of Electric Patio Heaters

a ceiling mounted electric patio heater
Electric Patio Heaters come in all shapes and styles. Find the one that works best for you.


Free Standing

The free standing outdoor electric heater is ideal for someone with a large patio space, both for the reason that it can heat up a larger area and that it takes up more room than some of the other options.


Table Top

Table top electric heaters are smaller, and ideal for a tinier patio space or an apartment deck. Their small size makes them a less expensive option, so consider one if you don’t want to make a long-term investment!



The umbrella heater is perfect for those patio nights where you sit out with a drink in hand! It fits neatly under the umbrella on your patio furniture set, making it easy for you to simply add it to the decor you already have.



Electric ceiling heaters are a powerful way to keep your patio toasty into the night! These heaters can be installed either on your ceilings or wall, which gives you another space-saving option to choose from.


Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Patio Heater

a free standing electric patio heater
Find the Electric Patio heater that suits your style and needs.



How much room can your patio spare for a new outdoor heater?

Some electric heaters can be small enough to place on a table, while others can be large enough to practically be their own piece of decor in your outdoor space.

Just like when selecting the right size cooler or dining set, it’s vital that you think about what size of heater will work best in your space.



Where is the heater going? Will you put it on a patio table or a side table, or do you want something that’s so out of the way that people won’t even notice it? Figure out where your heater will be placed before you make your purchase.


Heat Output

Heaters have BTU (British Thermal Unit) measurements, which essentially tell you the amount of space they can reasonably warm up in a given amount of time. We’d highly recommend first figuring out the needed BTU measurement for your space with this online calculator before you start shopping.



Lucky for you, electric patio heaters are more energy efficient than their gas or propane counterparts! But depending on how much space you’re planning on heating and how often you’ll be using your heater, it’s important to determine if picking a more efficient electric option than others is right for you.


Our Top 10 Electric Patio Heaters

Heat Storm Tradesman 28-Inch Heater

a freestanding electric patio heatervon a tripod
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This outdoor infrared heater is truly a jack of all trades! It’s able to be mounted on a wall, or set up on an optional tripod stand.

This portability makes it the perfect option if you’re looking for a heater that’s multi-use, as you can also use it in your shed, garage or anywhere else you might need heating.

And with it’s rain-resistant protective layer, you’ll be able to use it rain or shine!


Lynx 61 1/4-Inch Heater

This outdoor heat lamp is another staple that can be mounted on your wall or used with a stand.

This one can warm up areas as large as 11 x 11 feet, ensuring that you can be cozy without needing to be next to your heater at all times.

It’s made from all recyclable materials, doesn’t produce any greenhouse emissions, and can be used for up to 5,000 hours!

Sign us up.


Fire Sense Patio Heater with Telescoping Pole

A tall telescopic electric patio heater
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Now that we’ve seen a few mountable heaters, we thought we should show one that already comes with a pole!

This mounted heater rests on top of a stainless steel, telescoping pole that can be aimed at whatever area of your patio space that needs heating.

The pole can adjust from being 71 inches tall all the way up to 92 inches, and can cast out a blanket of heat of 9 feet across your patio area.

It can be used indoors or outdoors, making it a stellar option if you’re looking for a heater for a screened porch!


Art to Real Umbrella Heater

a triple under umbrella electric patio heater that is collapsible
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This is a prime example of another easy to hide away heater!

This umbrella heater fits neatly underneath your patio furniture umbrella, making it convenient to stay warm without bringing in any extra furniture or accessory pieces to your backyard decor.

It’s easy to set up, and can even be stored away with your patio umbrella when it is folded.

This heater has three different settings, which allows for you to use it any time of year with an adjustable temperature to compensate for whatever the outside weather is throwing at you that day!


Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

A stylish electric patio heater designed to look like a piece of patio decor.
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For a heater that works well while looking good, look no further!

This one can function as a table top electric heater, or just be placed next to your potted plants as decor.

Your guests will never know the difference until you whip out the remote and turn it on!


EnerG+ Bistro Table Patio Heater

A dual purpose heater? Don’t mind if I do! We love how this heater can inconspicuously keep you warm WHILE also holding your favorite adult beverage. Sleek, stylish and super warm!


Westinghouse Infrared Heater 

a free standing electric patio heater.
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Here’s a sleek and simple outdoor electric heater that will fit in on any patio, large or small!

This freestanding heater comes in a simple black design, ensuring that it won’t stand out against any of your other patio decor.

It can stand up to rain or snow, so no worries about leaving it out all year round either!

With this heater, you’ll be good to go out to your patio whenever you feel like it.


Hiland Tabletop Patio Heater

a silver tabletop electric patio heater.
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This tabletop patio heater might be small, but it packs a lot of power!

Next time you want to head out to the porch but don’t want to grab a blanket or sweater, just turn on this little guy instead and sit back while your space becomes toasty and warm within minutes.


EnerG+ Ceiling Heater

a bronze ceiling mounted electric patio heater/light combo
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Looking for a light to hang from the ceiling under your deck or roof of your gazebo?

Why not get an outdoor light/heater combo?

This heater hangs from the ceiling of your porch or patio area, and can function like both an outdoor light and a heating unit at the same time!


Air Choice Outdoor Heater

a freestanding electric patio heater with orange heat rays coming out of it.
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Finally we have the Air Choice outdoor heat lamp.

With an adjustable height pole and angle options, you’ll always be able to aim the warm air towards wherever you are cozying up outside.

It can last for up to 6,000 hours, ensuring that you’ll be able to spend hours upon hours outdoors without having to worry about catching a chill.

Best of all, the efficient halogen heating unit within ensures that you’ll be able to save some major cash on your electricity bills!


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