The Most Popular Modern Patio Furniture for 2022

Check out some of our favorite modern patio furniture picks for 2022. Also a few things you should consider before investing.


modern patio furniture
The right modern patio furniture set can instantly upgrade the style of your outdoor space.

Autumn will be here before long, and you may soon find yourself wondering why you didn’t spend more time lounging about and enjoying cold beverages on your patio while it was still warm and sunny all day long.

Hang in there, because the end of summer doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up on your outdoor space. Install a fire pit, electric, or gas patio heater to counter the cold winds as they start blowing.

Very soon, you will have a cozy little corner in your backyard to spend the evenings singing campfire songs or watching an outdoor projector with friends and family.

That said, those creaky outdated chairs that currently populate your patio just won’t do.

You will need to buy some modern patio furniture, and here are a few things you should consider before investing.


Points to Ponder when Choosing Modern Patio Furniture


Buy Furniture Suited to your Patio Space

There are a few questions you will need to ask yourself before whipping out your credit card.

One, do you have room on your patio for large pieces of furniture, and two, do you even need them? For instance, if you have a deck or balcony with limited space, an outdoor dining set may be a bit of an overkill.  Maybe check out a modern cocktail table with a couple high bar stools instead (see our favorites below).

An ideal patio should have enough space for guests to move around, maybe even break into an impromptu dance if the right song comes on and crowding it with a disproportionately gigantic table might just deter them.


Make your Patio Match your House’s Mood and Style

Design is important. The patio is an extension of your house, and it must not detract greatly from the overall mood you have developed indoors.

For instance, if your interiors are largely muted and neutral, a conversation set with colors borrowed from a circus tent would probably feel a little out of place on your patio.

Then again, you don’t have to go for something that looks exactly the same as your living room furniture either.

Mix, match, and strike that perfect balance between looks and comfort.


Wood, Metal, or Synthetic?

This is one question that no patio owner can escape nor ignore, given how each of these materials come with their own set of problems.

Wood can splinter in the heat, metal rusts in rain and humidity, and extreme cold may make your synthetic furniture brittle.

So, anybody planning on buying new furniture for their patio would be advised to check if their potential purchases are protected against the particular elements in their region of the country.


Our Top Modern Patio Furniture Picks For 2022



Conversation Set from Lokatse Home

Some autumn afternoons are best spent lounging under the sun with your partner, reading a book with a glass of red wine nestled in your hand.

The Lokatse Home conversation set, comprising two attractive chairs coupled with cushioned ottomans (which can double as individual seaters) and a coffee table, is made for these very moments in your life.

Fashioned out of high-quality wicker that’s both fade resistant and UV protected, it will be a long while before you have to get a replacement.

lokatse home conversation set
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  • Durable, with a sturdy metal frame and UV-protected wicker
  • Ottomans can double as individual seaters if required
  • Cushions come with zippers to make washing covers easier
  • Simple but classy design that will enhance your patio’s looks


  • Some users say assembly instructions are inadequate
  • Cushions, while attractive, could have been thicker


Four-Piece Conversation Set From Shintenchi

If you have more folks coming in for that barbecue party, this chic set of two wicker patio chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table may just fit the bill.

Made of all-weather PE Rattan wicker and powder-coated steel frames that ensure overall stability, this set marries functionality with style to ensure that your patio becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

Its cushions are thick and soft, and the sheer roominess of the seats lets you stretch to your heart’s content.

shintenchi outdoor patio furniture set
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  • Accommodates four people on two patio chairs and a loveseat
  • Made of reinforced materials that won’t wear easily
  • Coffee table glass tempered to discourage accidental breakage
  • Easy to assemble, damaged parts will be exchanged free of cost


  • Ottoman lovers won’t be happy


Cool Bars and Cocktail Tables


Christopher Knight Home Bar Table

Calling your best friend over to reminisce about old times to the accompaniment of Kenny Rogers’ Lucille on the radio?

This quaint bar table from Christopher Knight Home, when paired with bar stools like these from Keter, would be your best bet when you don’t have a lot of company on the patio.

Made of cast aluminum that’s been proven to stand the test of time and weather, it features timeless grillwork that won’t detract from your patio’s otherwise modern decor.

christopher knight home bar table
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  • Durable aluminum that can stand up to the weather
  • Muted bronze finish goes well with modern furniture
  • Allows for fitting a patio umbrella
  • Easy to assemble with the included mini wrench
  • Wide tabletop affords adequate space for drinks, snacks and more


  • Lack of a center arm to stabilize the patio umbrella
  • Some users said it felt a little wobbly


Keter Modern Cool Bar

Alternatively, how about a beer and wine cooler that doubles as a cocktail table at your barbecue party?

Well, Keter has just the thing for you. With the lid down, this product made of weather-resistant resin acts like a 7.5-gallon drinks cooler with a storage capacity of up to 40 cans of beer.

Pull it up, and you get a smart-looking cocktail table that could well become the topic of conversation for the rest of the evening.

keter modern cool bar
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  • 7.5-gallon cooler keeps up to 40 beer cans cold for hours
  • Pop-up plug in the bottom makes water easy to drain
  • Made of sturdy weather-resistant resin
  • Easy on the wallet for a multipurpose product


  • A few users complained of tabletop failing to lock in place
  • May feel too low for some


Accessories and Protection


Quality Outdoor Living Chair Cushions

The cushions on your patio furniture should be comfortable as well as weather-resistant, and this set from the house of Quality Outdoor Living fulfills both requirements while looking great at the same time.

The olefin fabric covering on the cushions is UV and water-resistant, and, what’s more, it can be easily cleaned with a rag and mild soap solution.

quality outdoor living chair cushion
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  • Polyurethane foam support in the seat cushion for extra comfort
  • Comes in 22 different designs to suit any mood
  • Zippered seat cover can be removed for cleaning if required
  • Olefin fabric cover protects cushion set from both rain and heat


  • Some users reported discoloration after a few weeks
  • Did not fit patio chairs on rare occasions


Sunnyglade Outdoor Table Umbrella

Protected as your patio furniture may be from the elements, the same cannot be said for those using it.

Enter the Sunnyglade outdoor table umbrella, equipped with a sturdy powder-coated aluminum pole and a polyester canopy that’s waterproof, long-lasting, and stylish all at once.

With a diameter of nine feet, it is wide enough to safeguard four to six people gathered around a mid-sized table from the sun and the rain.

The icing on the cake? An easy crank-open function with push-button tilt.

sunnyglade outdoor table umbrella
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  • Has a thick polyester canopy for complete protection
  • Easy to assemble, with just two pieces to put together
  • Sturdy build, proven to last for years without complaint
  • Sober color and designs go well with modern patio furniture


  • Some reported problems with the tilting function
  • May break in strong winds


Modern Patio Furniture – The Verdict

Getting the right furniture for your patio isn’t easy, and there will be some compromises made. While the design is important, we believe that comfort is one factor you should not hold back on.

Having the best-looking patio in the neighborhood makes little sense if the cushions are moldy, the umbrella flies off like a javelin whenever it gets a little windy, and your chairs are awkwardly shaped.

By that logic, your budget is also something you should consider stretching if it means getting furniture that’s going to last a while.

Your wallet may feel a little lighter right now, but it is sure to thank you in the long run.



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