The Most Popular Fire Pit Accessories You Need for 2022

We take a look at 18 of the most popular fire pit accessories to help keep the fire, and the party, going well into the evening and beyond.

Let’s Go!

As temperatures drop and the world seemingly moves outdoors for safe social gatherings, Having a fire pit in your backyard is becoming an increasingly popular trend more than ever.

While electric and natural gas patio heaters will keep you and your guests warm, there is nothing quite like gathering around a roaring fire pit to create those long lasting backyard memories.

Whether you are a seasoned fire pit user or planning to buy your first, this post is for you.

Choosing the right fire pit requires a lot of consideration, and we’ve spent some time recently going over some of our favorite cooking pits, natural gas pits, and rectangular fire pits.

But once you’ve chosen your firepit, pairing it up with the right accessories can help you create a comfortable, functional, and fun-filled space.

We compiled a list below of great fire pit accessories to make your outdoor space more interesting and inviting.


18 Top Fire Pit Accessories for Your Backyard

Let’s begin with some décor accessories to create the perfect ambiance.

1. The Classic Outdoor Adirondack Chair

adirondack chair to enjoy around the fire pit
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These chairs are comfortable, stylish, and just right for sitting around your outdoor fire pit. The Adirondack chair is available in many colors. You can choose one that matches best your outdoor décor.


2. Globe String Lights

globe light accessories for fire pit
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If you are looking for an easy and awesome lighting option, consider globe string lights. All you need to do is hang a string of clear globe lights. You can add multiple strings depending on the kind of mood you want to set in your backyard.


3. Solar Pathway Lights

solar pathway accessory for fire pit
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Do you have a garden around your fire pit? How about adding these solar pathway lights? They are sure to enhance your outdoor décor and are perfect if you want to light up your backyard. However, these pathway lights are on stakes in the ground so, they won’t work on a patio.


4. Garden Wall Mount Lights

lighting accessory around fire pit
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If you have a wall or fence around your outdoor fire pit area, you can also consider adding these wonderful garden wall mount lights. It will brighten up your backyard without cluttering up the walking space.


5. Outdoor Side Tables

side table for the fire pit
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When entertaining outdoors, you are probably going to have a fair selection of food and drinks. Make sure you have enough space to set everything up. These outdoor side tables will prove to be handy at such times.


6. Folding Table and Organizer

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If you have an outdoor fire pit, you likely need storage space for all the extra things that come with it. Having a folding table and organizer for your backyard helps you organize everything. It comes with cooler storage bags, a roll-up table feature, and a multifunctional design that provides you with plenty of room to store your essentials.

Moving forward, the next part of our list are the tools you will want to have to clean your outdoor fire pit.


7. Outdoor Fireside Firewood Holder

firewood holder accessory for fire pit
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Imagine tripping over stacks of wood that have been left unorganized. This firewood holder helps solve this problem by ensuring that your wood is stacked nicely at all times.


8. Log Grabber Fireplace Tongs

fire pit accessory log holder
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You can prevent burns by getting these fireplace tongs. Use the tongs anytime you want to add logs to the fire or when you need to move them around in the pit.


9. Splitting Axe

firewood splitting axe
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The Helko Werk heavy log splitter is designed specifically for splitting firewood. The shape of the ax’s head is such that it will easily force the wood apart. Cut the wood to any size you want and enjoy the warmth as you burn the wood in your fire pit.


10. Ash Bucket with Shovel

You have to maintain the outdoor fire pit, which means keeping it clean. Sometimes, you need to be extra careful, especially when the ash is hot. Having an ash bucket will definitely prove to be useful.


11. Butane Lighter Torch

butane lighter for fire pit
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If your outdoor fire pit does not have a push-button start, consider getting a butane lighter torch. It’s a must-have tool to light up your fire pit.


12. Fire Pit Spark Screen

fire pit spark screen
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Available in different sizes, the fire pit spark screen protects you from the flames while restricting those flames to the pit. This allows you to sit around the fire and enjoy the warmth without having any safety concerns.


13. Fire Pit Protective Cover

beige fire pit cover
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Keep your fire pit safe from the elements by covering it with this protective cover. It is UV resistant as well as mildew resistant. A drawstring fastener secures the cover in place even during the strong winds.


14. Fire Poker Stick with Handle

This is an optional accessory that should be considered if you have younger kids interested in learning how to tend the fire. A poker stick will prove to be more convenient than a long stick.

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you are likely to try your hand at smoky roasted food. Right?

Fire cooked food is delicious, and with these cooking accessories, you are sure to have a fun food party in your backyard.


15. Roasting Sticks

Roasting sticks are perfect for roasting anything over a flame. These sticks are super handy and make it easier for you to roast food items from marshmallows to hot dogs.


16. BBQ Grill Gloves

Grill gloves for handling fire pit
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We’ve looked previous at the best BBQ gloves available today on the market, and many of these can also be used for handling a hot fire pit spark screen. Keep your hands safe from burns while you are moving or managing your fire pit.


17. Adjustable Fire Pit Cooking Grate Grill

cooking grate accessory for fire pit
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While some fire pits are designed for grilling, this fun gadget can turn almost any firepit into an outdoor cooking station! This is a great accessory to have for your fire pit area. The grill comes with an adjustable feature to adjust the height according to your fire pit’s size. This helps to control the heat you use.


18. 11 Pc Fire Pit Cookout Utensil Set

Fire pit cooking accessory kit
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This must-have set includes all the utensils you’ll need for grilling, including two cast iron pie irons.


Fire Pit Accessories: The Verdict

There are many other accessories like a beverage cooler and a fire pit popcorn popper that you might want to consider for your fire pit area. It all depends on the space you have, the décor ideas you’d like to use, and your budget.

Overall, the above list of fire pit accessories is sure to cover your basic needs to enjoy family time in your backyard.

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