How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over: 6 Easy Solutions

Learn how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over with these 6 simple DIY tips!

Let’s get started!

a patio umbrella not falling over

So you cleaned the patio, cleaned the smoker, bought a great new pellet grill, and even some nice new patio furniture, including a nice giant shady umbrella.

The problem?

Everytime you get a strong gust of wind that nice new patio umbrella keeps falling over.

Before you run out and buy an expensive metal base, check out some of our favorite DIY methods to keep that patio umbrella from falling over below!


6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

You can use any or all of these methods to keep your umbrella standing up. Some situations require unique solutions, hence a list of 6 viable options!


#1: Get an Umbrella with Air Vents

If your umbrella doesn’t have air vents, it turns into a parachute when a gust of wind comes along.

This makes it really hard to keep the umbrella in one place.

If you’ve ever seen a large banner outside, you’ll notice it has air vents cut into it. This way, the air has channels to go through rather than taking the whole banner down.

The same is true for your umbrella.

You can either find a professional umbrella with air vents premade, or you can make your own with a pocketknife.

This won’t ruin the shade that you still get under the umbrella.


#2: Use a Good Patio Table

Another variable in this equation is your patio table.

A cheap or light table will go with your umbrella on an adventure when the wind comes along.

Your patio table should be heavy with a hole in the middle so your umbrella gets even more support.

There are even solid metal tables that have sturdy bases that take care of numbers 2 and 3 on this list.


#3: Avoid Plastic and Wooden Frames

If the framework of your umbrella is wooden or plastic, you could be in trouble when the umbrella falls over.

These materials can’t handle a fall well, and they might end up breaking or bending beyond repair.

a patio umbrella secured from falling over

Even though they’re cheaper options, you’ll pay for them in the long run.

Stick with a steel or aluminum frame that has structural ribs for the best results.


#4: Close the Umbrella Between Uses

It might not have even crossed your mind, but closing your umbrella between uses will minimize how vulnerable it is to the wind.

Rather than being a parachute waiting for the next gust to take it away, your umbrella suddenly becomes a sturdy pole.

If you can find an umbrella with a hook-and-loop style fastener, that’s even better. The strap will secure the umbrella while you’re not using it.


#5: Strengthen Your Base

The leading reason that your umbrella is falling over is because the base isn’t strong enough.

If you look at the umbrella from a physics perspective, you’ll understand what’s going on.

The heavier and stronger the base, the stronger your entire umbrella will be.

Here are a few ideas for strengthening the base of your umbrella.


Use Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are inexpensive, easy to stack, and heavy.

The combination of these traits makes them a great candidate for weighing down your umbrella base.

You can either stack them on top of your base, or you can put the base on top of the cinder blocks.

You want to make sure your umbrella is nestled nicely in the blocks either way.


Use Gravel

If you have some gravel and a bucket, you’re one step away from an umbrella that will never fall over.

Fill a bucket with gravel of your choice.

They sell colorful gravel if you want to get creative. Put the umbrella in the bucket and fill it up with gravel.

Try to fill the bucket to the top so you have as sturdy a base as possible.


Add Sand

Instead of gravel, you can also use sand.

In this method, you have two options.

Like the gravel, you can put the umbrella in a bucket and fill it with sand. Otherwise, you can stack sandbags on top of your base to add strength and weight.

If you want a tidier looking, yet still affordable alternative that uses sand, you can try the Rhino Detachable Umbrella Base Weight.

Simply fill it with sand, close up the zippers, and you’ve got yourself an affordable alternative to a fancy heavy duty umbrella base.


Use Lead Bags

Lead is a really dense and heavy metal.

You can find bags filled with lead that are tube-shaped. These bags can stack right on top of your base and beef up what you’ve got.

Since they’re so dense, they don’t take up a lot of space.

This means you can add bags to your heart’s content without them getting in the way.


#6: Splurge on an Umbrella  Base

Ok, we know this one is obvious, but we had to at least mention it at the end.

A good quality base will likely solve all your problems and there are a few popular ones on Amazon that aren’t too expensive either.

a patio umbrella with a base so that it does not fall over


The base is the big ingredient when it comes to keeping your umbrella upright. A strong, heavy-duty base will be an anchor for your umbrella.

When a gust of wind comes along, your sturdy base will keep your umbrella in place.

Just because they’re heavy-duty doesn’t mean they’re ugly. A lot of base manufacturers put together some elegant and gorgeous designs made out of metal or concrete to keep everything grounded.

We especially like this one from BACKYARD EXPRESSIONS  because it is boh affordable and matches most patio decor.

Another great option is this one from Blissun.


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