The Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters for 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

5 of our favorite natural gas patio heaters to help you enjoy your outdoor space this fall and winter with friends and family while maintaining social distancing.

a natural gas patio heater
Nothing beats a few high powered gas patio heaters to warm the largest possible area in the shortest amount of time.

A patio heater has always been a great investment to keep you warm while enjoying your outdoor space during the autumn and winter months. Not only this, but they are a unique decorative element to have for your patio setup.

But with the pandemic of 2020, outdoor dining at restaurants, and many folks looking to safely social distance while visiting with loved ones at home, they have become more popular than ever.

So make sure to get yours before they are all gone this year!

Not all outdoor heaters are expensive, but at the same time, it may be difficult for you to select one out of so many models on the market today.

There are different natural gas patio heaters available, including:

We previously covered our favorite electric patio heaters here, as well as some of our favorite rectangular fire pits here and natural gas fire pits here.

But you will find absolutely nothing beats the speed and power of a natural gas powered patio heater designed to quickly warm up a large area full of socially distanced guests.

So, are you ready to explore them?

Before we dive in, let’s consider the following aspects when picking the best models available.

  • Quality: Your heater should stand the test of time. So, the first thing to consider is quality. Do not fall for an inferior and unreliable product just because it’s available at a fair rate. Instead, we recommend you to buy one that will last for years while giving you the desired warmth.
  • Performance: There are two types of patio heaters – gas and electric. Gas patio heaters burn hotter than the electric heaters. So, you can expect better performance if you choose the former.
  • Features: This is an important factor to consider while choosing your patio heater. Automatic re-ignition, safety pilot shutoff system, and oxygen depletion sensors are some of the safety factors that will allow you to heat your outdoor space safely.


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Our Top 5 Natural Gas Patio Heaters for 2022

1. ANNVA Portable Patio Heater

The ANNVA 48000 BTU natural gas patio heater uses radiant heat to warm people and objects around your outdoor space. It is an ideal choice for open patio designs.

The reflectors radiate heat over an area of up to 12 feet in diameter. However, this depends on wind conditions.

It is made from stainless steel. This freestanding heater can be moved around easily, and there’s no electrical connection required, so it is quite easy to maintain.


  • It is made up of stainless steel which will hold up to all weather conditions
  • It provides consistent heating with the help of an aluminum disk reflector
  • If the flame is lost, the safety pilot system will automatically shut off the gas
  • It comes with added safety in the form of emergency shutoff control
  • It requires no electrical power
  • It can spread the heat up to 120 square feet


2. LZZ Freestanding Natural Gas Outdoor Heater

This natural gas patio heater is made of high-density thick stainless-steel mesh material. It stabilizes the combustion, generates infrared waves, and acts as a strong heat source.

The infrared radiation heating shoots up the temperature quickly in just five minutes.


  • It provides double the warmth as the maximum power is 13KW. This is six times warmer than an ordinary electric heater.
  • This standing patio heater can be moved to the desired place on your patio
  • You will be able to adjust the firepower to meet the needs of changing weather conditions


3. Sunpak Natural Gas Infrared Patio Heater

Sunpak’s Patio heaters are considered to be one premium choices in the outdoor heating space.

They can be mounted on walls as well as the ceiling. This heater uses a unique heating system designed to provide heated comfort in an outdoor environment and the powder-coated finish blends into surrounding surfaces.

Be sure to mount this patio heater at a place that has access to a continuous supply of fresh air and has proper ventilation.


  • It is fully automatic
  • It comes with a highly efficient ceramic infrared burner system
  • It provides an approximate heat coverage of 10×10 ft
  • It has an in-built auto re-light and flame sensor system
  • It can be mounted on the wall as well as the ceiling


4. Sunpak Tsh 48-inch 34,000 Natural Gas Two-Stage Infrared Patio Heater

This is one of the most convenient models in the patio heater category, as there is no need for a remote control.

It is controlled through a simple duplex switch that further provides an output of either 25,000 or 34,000 BTUs of heat. Every unit of this model is installed with a spark ignition.


  • It comes with an auto re-light and flame sensor system
  • It has a direct spark ignition and a ceramic infrared burner system
  • It is made up of high-quality aluminized steel
  • It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • It is highly recommended for commercial and residential patios


5. Highland Silver Glass and Quartz Gas Heater

The Highland 40,000 BTU natural gas patio heater can be used for both residential and commercial installations.

It is constructed of the highest quality components that guarantee durability, performance, and safety.

It includes a 2m exposed connection hose that comes with a quick connect and mounting plate to place it permanently.


  • It is made up of commercial 201-grade stainless steel
  • Its burner grid is also made up of stainless steel
  • It features an electronic ignition system
  • It comes with a mounting plate for permanent placement
  • It includes Quick Connect
  • It comes with a certified gas fitter
  • It is ETL certified


The Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters: The Verdict

There are never-ending options to heat your patio during colder months, but considering the above list is a safe bet.

These high-quality heaters are not only known for efficient heating but, at the same time, also help in your enhancing your patio décor.

So, no matter what you choose, they are sure to add warmth, functionality, and beauty to your patio.


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