Can You Use A Solo Stove On Grass?

Learn whether you should use a Solo Stove on grass and what accessories and modifications you can make to safely do so.

Whether you have the Solo Stove Bonfire, Yukon, or Ranger, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s Go!

a solo stove set up and being used on grass

The Solo Stove fire pit can be set up on most surfaces, but preferably fireproof and heat resistant ones like concrete, sand, and properly treated decking to avoid damage while using the Stove.

It is not recommended to use the Solo Stove on the grass for several reasons:

  1. You will kill the grass due to the heat,
  2. Escaping embers from the fire pit could burn the grass and start a fire;
  3. There is a higher risk of capsizing and injury as the grass may not be level.

We’ll go into each of these risk factors in more detail below.

But we’ll also look at some ways you can safely set up your Solo Stove to avoid injury and burning your well-manicured lawn.

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Why You Should Not Use The Solo Stove On Grass

The Solo Stove is built from 304 stainless steel, and depending on how much fuel you have loaded, this little powerhouse of a firepit can reach temperatures over 1000℉!

a lit solo stove bonfire

Anything that isn’t concrete or sufficiently heat resistant will get damaged at that temperature, and grass is no different.

With the base on the grass, the heat will burn and singe the grass, and you will at best be left with a sandy patch on your lawn.

Another more dangerous consideration is that the embers and hot sparks being ejected from the fire could also burn the grass and people or pets passing by.


Setting up a Solo Stove On Grass Can Cause Cause Fire Or Injury

In most cases, the grass is not an overly stable surface as the ground will not be perfectly level – great for football, but not necessarily so good for a roaring bonfire.

As such, the Stove could be accidentally bumped or even knocked over and leave hot coals, ash, and burning material on the grass.

Aside from the fire, it would damage the grass, and your significant other may have something to say about that, plus the fact that having hot coals on the ground could easily cause injuries to pets, kids, and other adults around.

Another consideration is that people like to be around fires, especially with adult beverages involved.

The risk of someone accidentally coming into contact with the Stove is high, and the risk of burns is equally so.


What Accessories Could You Use For Your Solo Stove On Grass?

Now, all that said, if you really want to set up that Solo Stove on a grassy arae, there are a couple accessories you should definitely use along with it to make it safer and help keep your grass alive.


The Solo Stove Stand

One option to help keep SOME of the heat away from your grass is to get the Solo Stove Stand.

The Solo Stove Stand fits on the bottom of the Stove and lifts the firepit off the ground.

Solo Stove Bonfire Stand Stainless Steel Fire Pit Accessory Bonfire Fireplace Tools Firepits and Fire Pits Outdoor Prefect for Your Outdoor Fireplace

This accessory does three things:

First, it allows proper airflow through the bottom of the Solo Stove for better burning.

Solo Stove’s core design revolves around their revolutionary 360° Air Flow and secondary burn vents, so when there is not enough airflow, your Solo Stove will make too much smoke and struggle to burn properly.

Second, it will stabilize it on the grass, and third, it will prevent the base from making direct contact and burning the grass as easily when in use.

Solo Stove themselves recommend ALWAYS using the Stand if you will use the Solo Stove on the grass.


The Solo Stove Shield

Another very useful accessory that would reduce the risk of ejecting embers from the fire is the Solo Stove Shield.

Solo Stove Stainless Steel Bonfire Pit Spark Screen with guilds Shield Protector Mesh Protective Spark Screen for Backyard and Outdoor fire pits Stops Hot Embers

It is constructed of the same 304 stainless steel as the Stove itself, the Shield fits the top of the Stove above the upper vents, and the stainless-steel mesh prevents the fire from throwing out embers, sparks, or other hot material.

Combine this with the Solo Stove Stand, and your Solo Stove is a lot safer to use on the grass with less risk of capsizing or eruption of embers onto your lawn.


How Else Could You Use A Solo Stove On Grass?

But don’t fret here as all hope is not lost. There are some precautions you can take and some accessories you could use to mitigate the risk of using your Solo Stove on the grass.


Clear The Area And Remove Debris

First, select the spot for the Solo Stove and then clear away any dry debris, like twigs, sticks, leaves, and dry grass, that could ignite if embers ejected from the fire were to come into contact with them.

ground leveled out and cleared to use a solo stove

And make sure to use your Solo Stove Shield.

Then, use a spade and clear the grass away, unless you don’t mind the fire doing it for you, and you can then have a safe spot to use your Solo Stove, but there could even be a better option.

Just pick one spot that you may not care about killing the grass though, or your lawn is going to be dotted with dead circles like an acne outbreak!


Create A Designated Fire Pit Spot On The Grass

If you are planning to use the Solo Stove in that spot all the time, clear away the grass and leave only the sand/dirt exposed.

The next step is to flatten out and level off that spot and give yourself around a 4’ to 5’ clearance of just dirt so you can place the Stove in the middle and eliminate the risk of setting your lawn on fire.

grass cleared away to use a solo stove

You can go even further here:

Create an area on the grass  especially for the Solo Stove, and once done, you can add gravel, stone, or slate to give a little style and elegance.

The Solo Stove could then be used on the grass with diminished risk to land and limb with a designated leveled spot, and with camping chairs set up and a guitar, it could well become a great way to spend a summer evening!


Can you Use a Solo Stove on Grass? The Verdict

While you can use your Solo Stove on the grass, it is not advisable unless you can add the Stand and take some precautions to prevent a secondary fire and reduce or eliminate the potential risk of injury to people and animals around the fire.

Taking simple precautions here can turn your designated grass area into a great place for friends and family to relax and enjoy the warmth and flame of the Solo Stove in complete safety.


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