The 8 Most Popular Grilling Gloves For 2022

We compare some of the best grilling gloves on the market to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or the grillmaster in your life!

BBQ Grilling Gloves
The grilling gloves available today aren’t your grandma’s oven mitts!

Operating a grill sometimes feels like heading out to battle, where things could get tough without the right equipment.

And just like you wouldn’t take a knife to a gunfight, trying to work a hot barbecue grill with the wrong kind of gloves may not turn out in your favor.

Confused by all the options on the market though?

No worries.

Before diving into our best grilling glove picks, let’s take a look at the different kinds of grilling gloves out there and what they do best.


Types of Grilling Gloves

Silicone Gloves

Usually made of food-grade silicone, these gloves work best at handling your briskets and ribs. While silicone gloves are little awkward and don’t insulate your hands as well as other gloves, they make up for it by being incredibly easy to clean.

Fabric Gloves

Molded from heat-resistant fabric, they come lined with silicone inserts or strips on the palms to provide that extra grip.

Although they are good at holding grill grates, hot logs, and utensils, it’s best if you don’t use them to handle food directly. These gloves aren’t as non-stick and easy to clean as their silicone counterparts.

Leather Gloves

Old-fashioned but versatile, leather grill gloves are best for handling grills, moving hot utensils, or simply poking at smoldering logs.

However, as they are hard to clean and not very ergonomic, keep them away from hot food. Leather gloves also tend to stiffen up after years of use.

Synthetic Gloves

These gloves, usually comprising a rubber or silicone body lined with fabric, let you handle tongs, utensils and even food very easily.

Just like their silicone counterparts, they are easy to wash with soap and water, and some provide insulation up to some incredibly high temperatures. The downside is that using them while still wet could leave you nursing some burnt fingers.


Our Top 8 Grilling Glove Picks


1. Ekogrips Premium Barbecue Oven Gloves

Type: Silicone

Orange Silicone Grilling Gloves
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Heat-resistant up to 425 degrees, these silicone gloves provide protection to both your hands and wrists, whether you are taking hot items fresh off the grill or reaching into hot water to open a tight jar.

The BPA-free silicone gloves also feature reinforced finger webbing to prevent tearing.


  • Balance of thickness and weight make them handy at the grill
  • Can wash them easily and use immediately afterward
  • Prompt response from customer service in case of a complaint


  • Some felt heat seep in through their thinner parts
  • Not as easy to work with as fabric gloves


2. Steven Raichlen Suede Grill Gloves

Type: Leather

Leather Grilling Gloves
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Made of pliable suede to ensure easy grasping, these smart-looking gloves from award-winning cookbook author Steven Raichlen extend over 18 inches to protect the whole arm.

Rated up to about 475 degrees Fahrenheit, they can handle tasks like lighting coals, using tongs, and poking inside the smoker with ease.


  • Rated at 475 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to use despite being made of leather
  • Classy looking with a great brand value


  • Can’t be exposed to heat for long periods
  • Not machine-washable

3. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

Type: Fabric

Synthetic grilling gloves
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Insulated with materials similar to Nomex and Kevlar, these gloves are thick but lightweight and do a wonderful job at barbecues.

They don’t catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame, making them ideal for use on campfires, fire pits, and fireplaces.

Protects your hands from extreme heat, up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit!


  • Non-inflammable nature makes accidents unlikely
  • Silicone grip surface prevents containers from slipping from your grasp
  • Drop them into the washing machine for easy cleaning
  • Crazy high heat resistance up to 932 degrees F.


  • Some had problems getting gloves their size
  • Certain parts of the glove may conduct heat

4. GK’s Barbecue Grill Gloves

Type: Silicone

Silicone grilling gloves taking apart meat
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These gloves can handle heat as high as 425 degrees Fahrenheit with ease, and if your mobile phone rings in the middle of your work, you can cool it off in a bucket of water just as fast.

Slick with meat juices? Hold them under the tap just as you would with your hands. What’s more, they come with a handy meat shredder, a silicone basting brush, and three ebooks with 344 recipes.


  • Can be washed and reused in mere seconds
  • Comes with meat shredder, basting brush and ebook with 344 recipes
  • Reasonably priced with a money-back guarantee if not satisfied


  • Some found the gloves slippery
  • Meat shredder may be hard to clean

5. Viboos Barbecue Grill Gloves

Type: Synthetic

Synthetic Grilling Gloves coming out of flames
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This product from Viboos fits perfectly on most hands while long cuffs protect the forearm and wrist, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself.

Given that they are made of Aramid, which can handle heat levels up to a whopping 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit, you can rest assured that your hands are in very safe — well — hands.

What’s more, their liquid-resistant nature prevents oils and hot juices from seeping in.


  • Long-lasting in a color that prevents gloves from aging badly
  • Can handle insane heat levels up to 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Patterns on the gloves make holding on to utensils easier


  • Some users complained of holes appearing after continuous use
  • Occasional reports of heat seeping in through the gloves

6. Northlander Grill Gloves

Type: Silicone

Silicone grilling gloves
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If you thought that maybe there’s no one-size-fits-all glove, you might be surprised. This product from Northlander can protect most hands from temperatures ranging from -104 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their insulated double-layer cotton interior design comfortably tides you through your grilling, and once the work’s done, you can hang them up for storage in the kitchen with the aid of a convenient fabric ring.


  • Cotton layer inside the gloves ensures an easy fit for hands of all sizes
  • Can handle heat levels up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Nonstick, non-toxic and very easy to clean once the grilling is done


  • Some found the gloves too big despite the easy-fit assurance
  • Not suitable for very hot temperatures

7. WZQH Gloves

Type: Leather (Combination)

Leather Kevlar Grilling gloves
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A three-layered glove comprising cowhide split leather on the outside, a heat-resistant composite product at the intermediate level, and soft-insulated cotton lining inside, the WZQH leather gloves can stand up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit of heat with ease.

Extra-long sleeves measuring up to 7.5 inches protect your hands and forearms from the hot coals in your barbecue grill while the Kevlar stitching provides additional security.


  • Three-layered construction to prevent heat from reaching your hand
  • Durable and flexible, in comparison to similar products
  • Kevlar stitching to ensure that gloves don’t burst at the seams


  • Like other leather gloves, can’t be machine-washed
  • Some complained that the material isn’t consistently thick in all areas

8. Pit Mitt Barbecue Glove

Type: Synthetic

Synthetic Grilling Gloves
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The first thing that strikes you about the Pit Mitt glove is how it manages to withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit despite being as thin as it is.

Made of Aramid fiber, which was first developed for the aerospace industry, it acts as the ultimate barrier between you and the hot surfaces around your grill.

And while individual fingers grant greater dexterity, the silicone coating on the surface of the glove ensures a better grip on things.


  • Single glove that’s reversible for use on both hands
  • Aramid fiber provides excellent protection from the heat
  • Glove extends to 13 inches, protecting wrist and lower arm


  • May conduct heat even when slightly wet
  • Can only be hand washed

Best Grilling Gloves: The Verdict

We decided there cannot be a definite winner on this list of barbecue gloves, given how they all come with their own unique advantages.

While the Viboos grilling gloves work best at resisting extremely high heat (up tp 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit!) for the outdoor cook who wants something a little simpler, Pit Mitt does a good job of achieving a fine balance between being heavy-duty everyday use.

However, neither can match the charming Steven Raichlen Suede Grill Gloves in the looks department, and the silicone gloves beat them all at easy washability. We would say it’s an all-round tie.


Our Favorite Grilling Recipes

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out some of our favorite recipes below that can easily be done on a grill or smoker.


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