Traeger Ironwood 650 vs. 885: What’s the Difference?

Learn everything you need to know when comparing the Traeger Ironwood 650 to the Ironwood 885 model.

We compare every feature and dimension as well as the prices of the popular Traeger Ironwood 650 vs. 885 models to help you decide which one is best for your needs!

the traeger ironwood 885

Anyone who reads our website consistently knows we are big fans of cooking with pellet grills.

Traeger, one of the leading producers of pellet grills puts out top of the line quality smokers, pellet grills, and accessories.

Two of their most popular pellet grills, year after year, continue to be the Traeger Ironwood 650 and the Traeger Ironwood 885.

If you are looking for a new pellet grill, and considering a Traeger in particular, then you need to consider one of these two models and consider the features of each one.

We’ve broken down both the Traeger Ironwood 650 vs. 885 to compare:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Cooking Area
  • Hopper Capacity
  • Cooking Time
  • Temperature Range
  • Features
  • and Reviews

So let’s get started!


A Quick Comparison: Traeger Ironwood 650 vs. 885

Model Traeger Ironwood 650 Traeger Ironwood 885
Dimensions (W x D x H) 46″ x 27″ x 48″ 54″ x 27″ x 48″
Cooking Area Main rack: 418 sq. in.

Top rack: 231 sq. in.

Total: 650 sq. in.

Main rack: 570 sq. in.

Top rack: 315 sq. in.

Total: 885 sq. in.

Hopper Capacity 20 lbs. 20 lbs.
Pellet Sensor Yes Yes
Barrel Size 22 in. 30 in.
Controls Ironwood D2 Ironwood D2
Maximum Temperature 500°F or 260°C 500°F or 260°C
WiFIRE Yes Yes
D2 Direct Drive Yes Yes
Super Smoke Yes Yes
TRU Convection Yes Yes
Meat Probe Single Single
Grates Adjustable two-tier Adjustable two-tier
Colors Black Black


Size and Cooking Area

The main difference between the Traeger Ironwood 650 and 885 is the size and cooking area of each smoker.


Ironwood 650

traeger ironwood 650

As the names of the products suggest, the Traeger Ironwood 650 has a total cooking area capacity of around 650 square inches.

This includes 418 sq. inches on the main rack and 231 sq. inches on the top rack. The barrel has a total width of 22 inches.

Checkout the latest pricing on the Ironwood 650 on Traeger’s website HERE.

traeger ironwood 650 lid up showing cooking area


Ironwood 885

The Traeger Ironwood 885 has more area and space.

This smoker has a total rack space of 885 square inches, which includes 570 sq. inches on the main rack and 315 sq. inches on the top rack.

The drum size is also larger as it is 30 inches wide.

While the Ironwood 650 is fine for most families and smaller cooks at home, the 885 can accommodate more than 35% more food.

This makes the Traeger Ironwood 885 a more ideal option if you are commonly entertaining large groups of people, or want to frequently cook large cuts of meat like a whole packer brisket or several pork butts plus side dishes.

Check out the latest pricing on the Ironwood 885 on Traeger’s website HERE.

traeger ironwood 885 lid open showing cooking area



Dimensions and Weight

If you are going to purchase a new smoker or pellet grill for your home, it is important that it fits well on your patio or deck.

The Traeger Ironwood 650, including the drum, hopper, and cart is 46 inches wide, 27 inches deep, and 48 inches tall. It also weighs around 150 pounds.

The Traeger Ironwood 885, being larger  is 54 inches wide, 27 inches deep, and 48 inches tall. This model weighs 170 pounds.

Although they both weigh quite a bit, these smokers both come standard on a wheeled cart which will make them easy to move around your outdoor kitchen or into storage when not in use.


Hopper Capacity

Both these Traeger models, like all pellet grills, are electric and produce their smoke through the use of wood pellets.

traeger ironwood 885 full hopper of wood pellets

The pellets are placed into the hopper of the smoker and are then fed into the smoker through the use of an auger.

If you need a quick lesson on how a pellet grill works, check out our COMPLETE GUIDE HERE.

As some large cuts of meat can take 8 or more hours to cook using low and slow BBQ temperatures, having a hopper that can accommodate a lot of pellets is very important.

Both the Traeger Ironwood 650 and 885 models come with a hopper that can hold up to 20 pounds of pellets.

The typical Traeger will burn anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds of pellets each hour, so the hopper capacity is large enough to accommodate most meals that you are making.

In some cases, the hopper may need to be refilled during the process.

As the drum of the Ironwood 650 is smaller, it may need slightly fewer pellets per hour than the 885 will burn through.


Temperature and Smoke Range

Having the ability to select a range of different temperatures and smoke settings is very important as it will give you more control and the ability to create a wider variety of meals.

Both the Ironwood 650 and 885 models have a maximum cook temperature of 500°F!

traeger ironwood 885 D2 controller set to 500 degrees

This is pretty high for a pellet grill, and this higher maximum temperature is really one of the features that sets Traeger apart from many other pellet grill brands.

One of the biggest complaints from a lot of backyard grill masters switching from propane to pellets is the inability to get that high searing heat they are used to from propane burners.

Well, if you couple the high maximum temperature of the Traeger Ironwood 650 and 885 models with a set of Grill Grates then you immediately solve that problem!

the grill grates getting hot on a pellet grill

Grill Grates are made to take the ambient temperature from pellet grills and concentrate that heat onto a searing hot grill grate (or flat top griddle if you flip them over) that can be placed right onto one side of the grill.

This works great for searing steaks, pork chops, and hamburgers while also taking advantage of all the great features of a pellet grill!

Both the Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 850 also come with the Super Smoke feature, which will allow you to produce more smoke at the beginning and end of your cooking cycle, which can add new flavors to whatever meat you are creating.


Cooking and Smoking Features

Traeger has continued to invest to develop new technologies and features that make it easier and easier to use their smokers.

Both the Traeger Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 885 come with a variety of features that can make them fun and easy to use.

One of the most popular features which is available with each smoker is the WiFire Technology.

This technology provides connectivity to your smartphone and will allow you to consistently monitor and interior temperature and smoke production of the smoker through the Traeger mobile application.

Some other features that are available on both models of the Traeger include the D2 Controller and digital temperature setting.

The D2 Controller automatically feeds the right amount of pellets into the smoker to create and maintain your desired temperature.

Which anyone who knows anything about BBQ knows that maintaining a consistent temperature creates GREAT results.


Accessories for the Traeger Ironwood 650 and 885

When investing in a Traeger, there is also a range of accessories that you should get to keep your Traeger clean, in good condition, and maximize your overall experience.

Besides the Grill Grates mentioned above, which are the most must have accessory for ANY pellet grill, there are a couple others to consider.

Secondly, you need a good cover to keep your Traeger Ironwood from rusting. We like these heavy duty covers for either the 650 or 885 models.

Another easy no brainer is a good supply of bucket liners.  Unless you love cleaning greasy residue form the grease bucket after every cook, keep a few of these handy and just throw them out when you’re done.

There are additional accessories that can help you prepare great meals including official Traeger pellets that come in several flavors, poultry and pork meat rubs, brushes and spatulas, and various storage containers.

These accessories are generally universal with both the Ironwood 650 and 885.

Looking for more grilling accessories?

Check out our favorite grilling gloves and bristle free grill brushes, as well as our top tricks and products to keep your grill from rusting.


Online Reviews

Traeger has consistently over the years had good ratings and review from consumers.

This extends to both the Traeger Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 885.

These Traeger smokers are considered ideal for at-home chefs that want to be able to smoke some delicious meals conveniently.

The Traegers are typically considered ideal for longer smoked products, including pork, chicken, and beef products.

However, as there are some temperature limitations, adding a crispy char to a steak or other meat is not always possible without the use of aftermarket accessories like a Grill Grates Searing Station.

Consumers continue to enjoy the ease of plugging in the Traeger and allowing the pellets and auger do most of the work.

The enhanced smart technology and app give more control as well.

While most consumers consider the Ironwood 650 to be sufficient, those that would like more space and to create some larger meals should also consider the Ironwood 885 as it has up to 35% more space.


Traeger Ironwood 650 vs. 885 Costs

Whenever you are investing in a Traeger, the cost is also something that will need to be taken into consideration.

Traegers are very durable, easy to use, and can provide you with a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

However, they do come with a higher price tag than you might see on other brands sold in the big box stores.

While the prices will fluctuate over time and depending where you shop, you can expect the Ironwood 885 to typically cost about $300 more than the smaller 650 model.

Check out Traeger’s latest pricing for the Ironwood 650 HERE, and for the Ironwood 850 HERE.

With either option, there are additional accessories and add-ons that you will want to have as well so keep that in mind when considering your overall budget.


Traeger Ironwood 650 vs. 885: The Verdict

Anyone that is looking to enhance their outdoor kitchen should consider investing in a Traeger smoker as they make it easy to create some amazing and memorable meals at home.

As you are looking for a new Traeger, both the Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 885 will provide a great experience.

In general, these two products are identical in practically any way.

The only difference is the size of the two options and the amount of meat that they can accommodate.

Those that want to be able to make as much BBQ as possible should consider the Ironwood 885 but expect to pay about $300 more on average than for the 650 model.

However, the Ironwood 650 is typically large enough for most situations and also will take up slightly less space on your deck or patio.


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