How To Keep Bees Away From The Swimming Pool: 9 Proven Solutions

Learn 10 proven ways to keep bees away from your swimming pool this year.

We look at the most popular bee repellent products on the market as well as some homemade DIY solutions that will keep those pesky buzzers away from you and your family while enjoying your pool.

Let’s DIVE in!

a honey bee drinking water from a swimming pool


Like wasps and frogs, bees are unwanted pool party guests, no doubt, but why do they always seem to feel they are part of the fun?

Summertime and warm climates call for opening the pool, throwing parties, flowers, grilling, and of course, our uninvited guests: the bees.

Fortunately, there are several popular ways to keep bees away from your swimming pool.


Why are Bees Attracted to Pools?

Hive Air Conditioning

Believe it or not, honey bees are pretty smart.

They know they can use use water as a sort of hive air conditioning that can prevent their waxy combs from melting during the intense heat of summer.

They carry water they get from the pool to their beehive. It cools the place off when it evaporates, so the entire colony isn’t ruined.


Abundant Water Source

Just like any other living thing, bees have to drink water. Why would they not make use of such a significant and welcoming water source like your swimming pool?

swimming pool attracting bees
Limited on space for your swimming pool?

Bees use the pool to quench their thirst and the thirst of the younger bees back at the hive.

Another reason bees need the water from your swimming pool is that the honey they use to feed their young is diluted. For the colony’s survival, this mission is crucial.


Chlorine Smell

Beyond the fact that it’s large and seemingly available, both bees and particularly wasps are often attracted to swimming pool water because of the strong smell, especially when you first open your pool for the year and shock the water.

That’s right, more stinging insects are attracted by the chlorine that you use to keep your pool sanitized and rid it of nasty bacteria.


Food and Drinks

Then there are the other compelling features, of course, that have nothing to do with the pool water itself.

If you are outside grilling and having your drinks next to the pool, you’re practically giving them the green light to come and spend time around your swimming pool.

No wonder we’re grappling with how to keep bees out!

Let’s talk about what you (or a professional) can do to send the bees home, now that you know why these insects are buzzing around your water.



9 Solutions for Keeping Bees Away From the Swimming Pool

Get a Decoy Wasp Nest

The first thing you’ll want to consider is using decoy nests, placing around various areas near the pool.

These nests usually resemble wasp nests, and bees hate wasps as much as humans do. They will likely not set up a hive near an existing wasp nest.

Wasps themselves are also very territorial so the decoy nests are an all natural way to prevent them from setting up camp near your’re pool as well.


Use Raw Meat to Detour them Away from the Pool

Bees and wasps LOVE the smell and taste of raw meat.

bee attracted to raw meat

If you put out a small amount of raw meat and have it dangling over a bucket of water mixed with detergent, when the bees fall off the meat they will land in the bucket, killing them.

Alternatively, you can put a little raw meat in the bottom of a 2-Liter soda bottle with a funnel taped to the top.

Bees and wasps can easily crawl down the funnel hole into the bottle but have a very hard time flying back up through it once inside.

If you put a little detergent water at the bottom of the bottle as well, it will make it harder for them to fly once it is on their wings.


Get Diesel Fuel

Like raw meat, bees also love the smell of diesel fuel.

diesel fuel can attracting bees away from swimming pool

So do wasps thankfully enough.

To keep bees away from the pool, set up a few soda bottles with funnels with a little bit of diesel fuel in them away from the pool area.

The diesel releases a heavy smell that attracts bees and wasps. Similar to the raw meat trap, they will get stuck in the bottles, leaving your pool pest free.


Change the Landscape

Bees love many kinds of flowers, but they do not enjoy all plants.

The two plants that bees hate the most are mint and lemongrass, and they will stay away from them at all costs.

Thankfully, we as humans find these two plants pleasant smelling and they look lovely in the landscaping for swimming pools.

They are easy to look after and help keep bees away from the swimming pool’s water.

If you don’t want to take care of the plants themselves, you can get some candles or other scented oils that mimic the smell of these natural plants.

As an added bonus, many of these scents also repel mosquitos and wasps!


Call a Professional Beekeeper

If you see a hive located right in your backyard, near the pool where you can see it, sometimes it’s safer just to call a beekeeper or pest control specialist.

They can remove the hive and the bees securely and safely and relocate them elsewhere.


Reduce the Number of Flowers

Bees are naturally attracted to flowers.

If your flowers are in another section of your yard, or at least further away from the pool, the risk of a surprise encounter between the two of you would be lower.

a bee flying around flowers by a swimming pool


Use Dryer Sheets as a Repellent

Dryer sheets, funny enough, contain a lot of the same scents as lemongrass.

At least as far as bees are concerned.

Bees do not like this scent.

So a quick and cheap DIY technique you can try immediately is to hang a few of these dryer sheets around your pool.

Remember to replace these regularly because, over time, the scent will wear off.


Activate Your Pool Jets

Drowning while they are looking for water is one of the biggest problems bees have.

They do whatever they can to stay away from any water source that seems turbulent or unsafe because of this.

So run your pump at a higher speed while you are actively using the pool, and trying to avoid bees.


Hang Mothballs

If there’s one thing that bees hate, it’s the epic smells that emit from mothballs.

You should ensure that these mothballs are put in pantyhose and have them suspended around the backyard.

They repel the bees and keep them from coming back.


Final Thoughts

For our survival, bees and wasps are important.

There are several options out there that call for insecticides and exterminators to be used, but that’s not always necessary.

First try some natural repellents like decoy nests, lemongrass, and mint NEAR the pool, and attractants like diesel fuel and raw meat AWAY from the pool to guide the bees and wasps where you want them go.

Then, if you are STILL having major issues with bees around the pool, try calling in a professional beekeeper to find the nest and relocate them elsewhere.


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