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closing the lid to season a traeger pellet grill

How to Season a Traeger Pellet Grill

Learn step by step exactly how to season a new Traeger pellet grill before cooking with it for the first time.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Total Time 1 hr


  • Traeger Pellet Grill


  • 1 Large Bag Wood Pellets
  • Cooking Oil, High Smoke Point optional
  • Uncooked Bacon optional


Check that all Components Work Properly

  • Assemble your Traeger pellet grill. Do not place the drip pan, grates, or any other accessories inside the grill just yet.
    can you use a traeger in the rain
  • Plug in and start up the Traeger, keeping the lid(s) open.
    turning on a traeger pellet grill
  • Turn the switch on the control panel to the SMOKE setting.
  • Look inside the empty hopper and check that the auger is rotating.
    an empty hopper showing the auger on a traeger pellet grill
  • Then feel to make sure air is blowing out from the firebox.
    checking the fan is working on a new traeger pellet grill before seasoning
  • Turn the dial to the SHUTDOWN CYCLE.
    the controller on a tragere showing the smoke and 180 degree settings

Fill the Hopper and Prime the Auger with Pellets

  • Fill the hopper with pellets.
    pouring pellets into the hopper of a traeger pellet grill before seasoning
  • Turn the Dial to HIGH or the highest temperature setting.
  • Watch and wait until the auger fills with pellets and they begin to fall into the firepot.
    pellets falling into the firepot of a traeger pellet grill
  • Turn the dial back to the SHUTDOWN CYCLE to restart the hot rod.
  • Turn the dial to the SMOKE setting and wait for flames to start in the firepot.
    fire pot igniting on a traeger pellet grill
  • Turn back to the SHUTDOWN CYCLE.

Heat and Season the Traeger Pellet Grill

  • Now insert the other components of the Trager such as the drip pan and grill grates.
  • After the grill has finished the shutdown cycle, turn the dial to SMOKE.
  • Wait for gray/white smoke to begin to be produced from the main barrel.
    smoke coming out when seasoning a traeger pellet grill
  • Turn the dial to HIGH, or the highest temperature setting and shut the lid.
    closing the lid to season a traeger pellet grill
  • Wait 45 minutes, then turn back to SHUTDOWN Cycle, then power off after the shutdown is finished.

Applying a Thin Layer of Cooking Oil (Optional)

  • Let the Traeger pellet grill completely cool from the above steps before doing this step.
  • Rub a VERY thin, even coat along the INSIDE of the of the Traeger’s lid interior, and racks.  There is no need to rub cooking oil on the OUTSIDE of a Traeger pellet grill. The cooking oil acts as a protective coating and will keep it safe from moisture produced while cooking food. Stay away from any internal components like the auger, and especially the fire pot.  There is no need to oil the hopper either. Just large interior panel areas of the main cooking chamber.
  • Turn on your pellet grill and repeat the Heat and Season section above above.  No need to prime the grill this time if the auger is still full of pellets.  Otherwise if it is not you will need to complete the second section Fill the Hopper and Prime the Auger as well.
  • Make sure you have enough pellets in the hopper for another 20-30 minute seasoning session. One pound of pellets lasts about 20 minutes at these high cooking temperatures.
  • Make sure to turn back to the SHUTDOWN CYCLE before you turn off the pellet grill when it is done. This helps burn off the smoldering pellets left in the firepot and cools down the grill much faster.
  • Optionally repeat the Seasoning Section with a batch of uncooked bacon or other fatty meat for extra aromatic flavoring of the grill walls.


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